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Recent Projects

Nissan Qashqai launch.

As part of Nissan's car launch they created an online series about discovering extraordinary arts, food and entertainment around the UK. I edited the presenter led shows in collaboration with MSN video.

Monotype / V&A documentary.

A documentary about Alan Kitching, one of the few remaining typographers who remains loyal to the old techniques of printing instead of using modern technology.

Coca Cola blogs.

For this project I compiled interviews of Coca Cola Enterprises' CIO Esat Sezer for their blog.
I also built an animated spinning bottle to help introduce each video. Translated into 5 languages.

Katherine of Alexandria TV Mini Series.

Re-working the Katherine Of Alexandra feature for international broadcast as a 4-part mini series.

Autoglass TV Advert.

Working with Outlook Creative Group, I edited the latest Autoglass television campaign (3 x 30s and 3 x 10s). The ads were shot on the Arri Alexa, composited with AFX/Mocha and graded with Davinci.

Trailer for the Hong Kong Film Festival.

Working with Academia Rossica, I produced a trailer for the Hong Kong cinema circuit.
With a tight deadline to get the cut past censors, I also created a DCP for theatrical use.

Decline of an Empire Feature (Lionsgate).

Historical epic starring Peter O'Toole, Steven Berkoff and Edward Fox. I was responsible for a range of post - editing, titling, reversioning and designing marketing material.
I also directed and edited the making of.

Indie Cities TV Pilot.

This project is a pilot for a new TV series called Indie Cities. Produced by Stay Gold Studios,
it celebrates the independence revolution sweeping Europe.

OMO TV Advert.

Advertisement for OMO (Unilever). Primarily for the Chinese market. Made up of C300 footage, green screen, a colour grade and day-dream visual effects.

DJ Yoda Music Video.

Top Hip Hop turntablist, DJ Yoda's music video for the track 'Rudies' - featuring Afrikan Boy.
With a tight budget, we turned the video around from conception to final cut in less than 2 weeks.

Samsung Global Bloggers Advertising Campaign.

Samsung covered the London 2012 Olympics with an international marketing campaign for the Galaxy S3. I was in charge of editing the daily content, including video reports and daily shows.

LateRooms Advertising Campaign

Editing a variety of travel videos from all over Europe for Laterooms. The videos ran on the MSN website to help promote the Laterooms.com brand.

MEC Promotional Shorts.

A range of videos showcasing MEC's product integration in television with clients such as AT&T, Conan, Coors and Paramount.

Christie's House of Cards Promo.

This film project was designed to showcase work for sale by the world's leading contemporary artists including Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley and Damien Hirst.

TA Advertising Campaign.

A selection of short adverts commissioned by the TA Army, showing interviews with family and colleagues together with action scenes of army training.

BBC Grand National TV Intro.

This edit also involved the painstaking process of rotoscoping horses frame by frame.
Working in a small team at Pinewood Studios, we created a truly original opening to the
BBC's Grand National, watched by millions worldwide.

Skills & Services

Final Cut Pro / Premiere / Avid Editing

  1. Includes Encoding, Editing, Sound Editing, Transcoding and Mastering to DVD & Web.

Specialised Editing

  1. Commercial Broadcast Editing, On-Location Editing, Rotoscoping, Compositing,
    Colour Correction, After Effects, Subtitling and Digital Cinema Package creation (DCP).

Other Services

  1. Mac Technical Support / Data Recovery,
    DVD Design, Authoring & Duplication.
    Photoshop Graphic Design & Advanced Image Manipulation.
    Camera operating, lighting, sound operating.
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Directing a feature documentary...

A Russian Fairytale is a feature documentary film about homeless teenagers which took four years to produce.

After working with the Russian based charity Love's Bridge on their promotional videos, I researched in detail about the background behind the issues - the perestroika and NGO reports on Besprizorniki (children who are not cared for).
I used this research to build up a platform for the film.

The film was self funded with the help of sponsors and private donors. With the basics covered, I flew out to Perm with cinematographer Nicolas Doldinger and worked solidly over 2 winter/summer months.

The film was shot on the Sony EX3 using 35mm ARRI prime lenses, edited with FCP, graded by ARRI in Munich and has since premiered in Moscow and shown twice at Riverside Studios in London. It's also be screened in the US, Greece and India.

"There is a wonderful and important film 'A Russian Fairytale'. The English documentary film-maker spent a considerable time filming young homeless people and drug addicts in the city of Perm. He tracked a whole group of these people"- Veteran Russian filmmaker and actor Andrei Smirnov.

"Utterly compelling"- DocHouse.org

☆☆☆☆- Cine-vue.com

"It's a beautiful though utterly sad portrait and filmmaker Jake Mobbs, staying true to the intention of a documentary, has done a fantastic job creating an objective, observational portrayal that highlights a serious issue".- Docgeeks.com


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